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letra de the orchid garden - kacper wiśny


what did i miss?
was it the summer sun?
or was it the winter rain?

where did you go?
are you still there, at home?
or are you somewhere else?

where, where did you go?

can i set my two feet in this garden of love
or is it too late now?
eden’s right here to set you free
but will it wait for me?
or am i here for eternity?

my destination unknown
your destination unknown
but if there’s a chance, just promise me
that there’s a reason for why i don’t feel a thing

when you’re so far away
that my mind can’t find it’s way back home

and if i stand before the golden gate
and find noone there?
when i finally drown myself in jordan’s riverbed
will i see my maker’s face?
what if i’m not fit for heaven?
what if i don’t fit?