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hit em up - k-ruth


i be bouncing on these beats like a basket ball
i realized all you b-tches fake after all
all you n-ggas hungry & homeless like a stray dog
it’s time to hit ‘em up get down or lay down
oh you went over there with them i think it’s best that you stay now
i can’t let that sh-t slide you’ll think was a play ground
like j prince jr i’ll sneak in with my gun
fool me once , i can never let you finesse two times
if it ain’t a consultation don’t be blowing up my phone (k-ruth) can i have advice ? whole time you just a clone, she want me to drop the pin she just can’t leave me alone
you saw me standing next to them you know they put that sh-t on
you know i put that sh-t on i be dropped in every season
when i get in my zone they all start reaching
but when sh-t hit the fan bih they all go to fleeing ima stand ten toes even if the soles tearing
my friends over rated
and my exes over bearing i don’t know which way to go lord please goo can smell me / tell me
it wasn’t even on the market but that offer made them sell it
i got bih pull with clothes , she will ship or mail l it
i done did a lot sh-t but one thing i didn’t do is settle
i had to love you from a difference
but that sh-t made better
diamond twisting like beyoncé they keep getting wetter

way more seasoned and watt more clever
i’m out here creating stars i’m on a whole new level
they seem like they just love me more when i didn’t have my together
i feel like 2 pac i’m in beast of the belly
i pull up to the block it’s a shoot out at the deli
b-tch i hit em up
i booked a flight up north i already took over the south
idfw b-tches i just put it in there mouth
n-ggas really suffering in a drought looking clout
i’ll pull up and check some sh-t drop your what about they keep my name in they mouth so o told them where its out
when i fell back all all my haters started cl!cking up i had to circle back like that sh-t and hit em up
never let a b-tch rent sp-ce i’ll pull the rug
you deal with too many middle mans b-tch i am the plug
never tried to open that door you b-tches kept knocking
i tried to be humble but i’m like f-ck it let’s be c-cky
my shows ain’t stopping
i’m shopping till i’m dropping
i ain’t missing no meals different flavors steady. copping
pull up to sound express and tell my daddy get this b-tch thumping
i been certified you’ll never catch me bumping
i might just slide thru the city today and go out put some posters
they don’t know when i’m coming they just feel it going closer
back then they ain’t want me but now it’s game over
i did it without a co-sign
i’m outside like a clothing line
if you looking for me scan my flyer when you walking by n-ggas be to concerned and consumed with who the hottest out
n-gga this longevity the hustle can never be denied , sold out concerts b-tches swinging in the parking
i made more moves then you did with a bigger amount threw rocks and hid ya hand your mad i figured it out



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