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letra de day in the life - jxsiah fka jxsiah2000


make the song feel like a bistro
morning sunshine, shiny window
the mic had a wife, i decided she was widow
if she’s also black, don’t let her eat her kids bro!
they think i’m uncool cus i’m anti all the violence
i heard they called them beats i started rapping over silence
then i was reminded;
i’m a hyper critic hypocritical kinda rhymer
that’s the type to use my rhymes to fight the fire
if you didn’t know – i’m jxsiah
hire no ghostwriters, clean spirit, i’m a sole writеr
walk on beats till my sole’s tired
i can’t sеll my soul – there’s no soul buyers
god gave my soul life so my soul’s biased to my soul designer
in korea if i look inside your eyes i’m a seoul soul finder!
you can’t crease, i got heat, coal irons!
eyes on the prize through my gold visors

afternoon sunshine, shiny window still
there’s no gain without pain i measure growth by the window sill
i speak to god like “if it’s your will”
“i’ll make people start asking how you chose to make him so sk!lled”
when i’m him, it’s a big old hill
tryna climb every time but i did so still
i didn’t even let my big toe heal
i wanna enter in a lane where i’m lame if i grip no steel
stabbing for the ad-libs
shooting on the cam-vids
only switching words on the amp-mix
the booth’s the only small room i ever wanna stand in
demos, tapes, and albums are the only things i’ll hand in
make a band of brothers or i’ll join my brother’s bands but no bandits
either way you flip it getting bread like a sandwich
so tell god i thank him
he kept me under his wing
i could’ve ended up under a bad wing shanking

evening sunshine, shiny window gone
this is as good as an intro’s gone
it doesn’t matter if we don’t get along
i rap until there’s no breathe in your lung
took your breath away by making a song
now just wait as i vacate sp-ce like i’m zodd
moses and a-a-ron gave me a rod
i gave it a knock
like “yo… is this on”
then proceeded with ease to write your favourite songs

goodnight moonlight i think the day’s almost done
i still shine on the days with no sun
the blind eyes still notice i eclipse them like gazing at one
the deaf ears hear the base of the drum
but don’t tempt fate it’s bait if you’re faking it cus
i’ll catch you making faces like i’m saying it dumb
tryna keep the whole tape clean i think there’s a bidet in my mind
24h intro
that’s a day in the life

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