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letra de bnuk - jw grape


[intro: jw grape & rocky hound]
man we edk, gttm and j-gang, but y’all already knew all that
we gonna really say, “f-ck all the opps,” though, n0body safe
oyk, millsidek, ozk, chbk, 043k, j-blockk
most importantly though, yall all know
that we bnuk, aah

[verse 1: jw grape]
i’ve had enough of the bullsh-t, why cap on the ‘net?
like we ain’t really on that, pay us respect
and if i catch siah, he good as dead
dahoundk or c4son gonna get hit with this lead
rv da rip and soah gz gonna get beat in these streets
catch 220 or flocxo, i’ma make ’em lean
don’t forget that i k!lled ray, he wasn’t tact’
roscoe, philly, jc, fl!cky, rando, lisa, benji, all in a pack

[verse 2: rocky hound]
n-gga nazzy got caught on the ave
i can’t lose, i can’t go out like mav
smokin’ ray, he got put on the grass
ayo, lisa, that b-tch in the past
don’t got thе knocks, he get broke up likе glass
ten in the clip, put the beam on his cap
leave a broke b-tch lookin’ real bad
when we f-ckin’ she call me her dad
[verse 3: j rollaxk]
ah, b-tch, i’ma demon, i can never lack
two, three shots hit him, now he passed
can’t forget about ray, he got hit in his back
if he jacking bnu, then he gettin’ whacked
siah ran on his mans, lil’ n-gga, spin back
i can never lack on the ave
that’s where i stay tact’, keep a g in my coat
i shoot like i’m klay, all i need is my right
we gon’ chase him ’til he out of breath
me, rv and jw gon’ let it spray
word to my mother, i ain’t duckin’ no rec’
you better duck rec’ when n-ggas gon’ spray

[verse 4: rv gunz]
ayo, siah, suck my d-ck
you a bum and you dirty and sh-t
wanna talk about lisa, that lil’ b-tch is a spliff, grrah, grrah
notti g stuck in pack
jb, rite, ‘dot, sammy, wok, loc, like
and he could still get shot if grapestreet
but i’m with jw, he grape with the crip
pourin’ up wock’, i’ma go take a sip
f-ck kray, caught a shot to the lip
like, n-ggas wanna talk on lefty and sey
but what happened to roscoe? got shot in his top
if he scream, “bossesup,” i’ma let it pop, grrah
notti got poked on the train, if he jackin’ he makk, i’ma make it rain
[verse 5: rj klay]
man, we on that crip sh-t
if i catch bnu, he get hit with this bl!ck, b-tch
man, they smokin’ on don?
must’ve forgot about roscoe
bullets gon’ flock, up that shotta
gonna shoot all of these oppas

[verse 6: tako balla]
j-gang i represent, y’all know
i’m shootin’ sh-t, i’m not even ten years old
like gee said, more bullets than my age
when i see a cbg, that sh-t fill me with rage
if i see dann, i’m ready to fight
he gon’ get beat by a child in the night

[verse 7: rocky hound]
n-ggas p-ssy, they all be afraid
and for nert, i be spinnin’ broad day
spin the sev’ while i roll up some blay
no playground, pull up and come play
run down on me, get sent up to jay
leave a opp n-gga laid down on the pave’
no edai, but i’m totin’ gunz
i be spinning, i do it for fun, but for one
when i bend the bn, better run
these n-ggas ain’t nothin’ compared to the gang
got jw with me, he ready to flame
they gotta get back for the deads in they gang
leave some red on his t-shirt, i call it a stain
[verse 8: jw grape]
and i’m ’boutta talk my sh-t
i don’t care how long this song get
y’all know my bop, i’m a k!ller and sh-t
rocky right with me, he gettin’ ’em hit
rv right here, he be totin’ gunz
and rj be makin’ ’em run
tako might just put you in a sh-ll
rollaxk might just roll that sh-ll up
and when it’s up, then it’s stuck
ain’t no goin’ back, keep ya gun tucked
i know y’all didn’t forget about ray
well if you feel a way, then come out and play

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