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letra de sitting on the dock of the bay - justin nozuka


“sitting on the dock of the bay”

sitting in the morning sun
i’ll be sitting when the evening comes
watching the ships roll in
and i watch ’em roll away again

sitting on the dock of the bay
watching the tide roll away
i’m just sitting on the dock of the bay
wasting time

i left my home in georgia
headed for the ‘frisco bay
’cause i had nothin to live for
and look like nothing ‘s gonna come my way

so i’m just…


look like nothing’s gonna change
everything still remains the same
i can ‘t do what ten people tell me to do
so i guess i’ll remain the same

sittin here resting my bones
and this loneliness won’t leave me alone
it’s two thousand miles i roamed
just to make this dock my home

now, i’m just…