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letra de schmitty (quiplash) vs komaru naegi - rap battle! - justgamer


[intro: justgamer, schmitty (leechy!)]
bad idea rap battles
komaru naegi
-ahem- let’s get started

[verse 1: schmitty, komaru naegi (lee begantino)]
hi! i’m schmitty!
welcome to your final test!
nail the callbacks like that
then you’ll rhyme the best!
as we progress, respond to my prompts
as i begin to spit
got all that? great!
now let’s get into it!
question: what do we call someone neglected
by their own captor, kept hidden, ’til they’re rescued
and make a sketchy new best friend?
good answer! rapunzel was what i guessed!
next up: who’s games are top hits?
always popping off, and getting people talking
every time, they’re dropping?
is it jackbox or
komaru naegi?
sorry, kid, you’re not even an option!
last one for the round
who’s series was doing good
then turned around, and third person
shot itself in the foot?
i’ll say danganronpa
c’mon, it wasn’t that bad!
no answer then?
seems like i got myself a quiplash!
let’s review the score!
ooh you’re not doing the best
call in toko
maybe she can help as a guest!
one more thing
you’re the super high school level little sister?
then welcome to your final test!
[verse 2: komaru naegi]
spent all that time
and that’s how you came to spit?
did you need more prep?
that verse felt like a safety quip!
i hated it!
i wish i could give this game a skip!
in every pack, your basic ass
is just the lamest sh-t!
talk being captive like i’m the only one, hardly
you’re trapped as a minigame
for trivia murder party
and what about your other games?
just quiplash and that’s it?
well, when it comes to them
i doubt people know jacksh-t!
puzzling jokes versus puzzle solves
i doubt you’re smart
‘cuz in a trilogy of games
you’re always the worst part
come to think of it, i wonder why
you chose to go first
i thought you’d take my jokes
and throw them in your own verse!

[verse 3: schmitty, komaru naegi]
here, i’ll make this round double points
with that rough start
‘cuz in a trilogy of games
you’re always the worst part
god, i knew it!
now time to get back to asking
who’s name starts with s
and is the best at rapping?
[verse 4: komaru naegi, schmitty]
stop, i can’t take it!
this game’s p-ssing me off!
your name doesn’t even start with an s
it’s josh!
i’ve had enough of this schmuck
come up with your own stuff!
repeating inside jokes, and the quality’s
going up?
i don’t give a f-ck!
cause all that this game’s inspiring
is to lose hope in all your jokes
and just go for irony
that’s fine with me
really? you don’t mind it?
then let’s flip the script
and see how you like it!
what should we call this bald freak?
ooh, baldi!
well, i’ll call him handsome!
not funny, sorry!
who’s game requires no effort to win?
these visual novels are still doing more!
all you do is talk
and you really do not stop!
f-ck quiplash
i’d rather play job job!
i’ll pass it back for one more chance at rapping
though your third rounds are usually lacking
[verse 5: schmitty]
we can play wordlash
but it seems to me
that there’s no way
to fit “komaru on the beat”
or maybe acrolash?
hey, i think i got it!
udg stands for
utter dogsh-t
nah, we’ll end off on thriplash
that’s an easy win!
just use the set ups i set up
since gamer said “begin”
then the punchline hits
i think you get the rest!
sorry ms. naegi
you failed your final test

[outro: justgamer]
who won?
who’s next?
who asked?
stay tuned for the next bad idea rap battle
which is on the way!

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