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letra de smells like tulsa - juss kev


i want to live

from george floyd
to the palestinian genocide
when you’re around tenets
who’re brown skinned you improvise
call ’em savages, what was tragic is
just defensive strikes
gentrified the value of life
the pie chart skipped a slice

the recipe, manifest destiny
if you give it time
crazy how it changed with ukrainians
regained our sense of right
9/11 don’t forget the time
or compare the death toll
to the atomic bombs
one percent the size

not skipping by pearl harbor
as if the sh-t was right
but there’s a difference between
military bases and civilian lives
we beat the n-z-‘s
see atrocities and sympathize
then operation paper clip
to swiffer crimes

if it’s dangerous
when you see me
then mengele to tuskegee
are justified, dehumanize
then play it up on tv

the same blueprint used for native’s
and slaves that we were keeping
haven’t changed until this day
except the names of who were treating

there’s something in the air
smells like tulsa
sounds, like cops saying
the tail lights broken
feels like trying to yell out
stop i’m chocking
one side’s beefing with geneva
while these bombs are exploding

no water for my toddler
mama’s body is probably is frozen
exotic products
sponsored by america dollars
it’s hopeless
told us to evacuate
then blew up the safe path they made
saw this kid that used to laugh and play
with half a leg
they had to amputate
k!lled his sense of wonder
panic attacks, with each a passing plane
heard a bam, bam
dad’s under rubble
bet he passed away
if he gets the chance to maturate
still be a tragic case
i have to say
free palest-

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