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letra de what we know - juscarbon & xteihn


[chorus: juscarbon]
what we know is you’re a b-tch and you ain’t rich
co2 we only getting better and yeah it is the truth
go back and cry to someone who will give you hits
no free lancing, make another hit while i’m in the booth

[verse 2: k!llean]
my choppa talk for me, i don’t do no speaking
50 cal just to make sure that you not breathing
gas in my lungs, and the co2 not leaving
that’s your girl and yet, i got her p-ssy leaking
choppa the topic and thats what we know
shots inna opp, he ain’t living no more
cop a bimmer my wrist is on froze
so i keep me a heater, my team is on go
everything i do is a common w
all i gotta do is say slang and it’ll make her drool
i ain’t sharing put im obsessed with the shape of you
what we know, i don’t know glocks or switches you choose
had writers block but now we back
2023 we put co2 on the map
cosmic void you know i’m dropping that
had to take a minute to give yall a recap
carbon and xteihn, we goin back to back
i bounce from track to track, spitting features
i never lack, thats why i gotta spazz
imma go count up my racks
they ain’t really rich thats facts
now carbon go and run that back, yeah

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