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letra de 2am in philly - jus o


jus o

tell me you love me
look in my eyes tell me you’ll never change
even when sunny days turn to pouring rain
i need to count on you to be the same
if nothing more no less than what you came
been having visions of me bowing out comfortably
cuz i’m not where i wanna be and it f-cks wit me
people fake to love what’s become of me
barely f-ck wit me
rumors i had overheard stuck wit me and my company
mouths say what they want for me
eyes tell what they want from me
knowing they need me and i don’t need them always comforts me
knowing if i showed them these magic tricks they would come for me
a lad in a world tryna sn-tch the carpet from under me
knowing that the god that you think is genie will cover me
busy working like a nurse
i was never fond of patience
i was tryna find my purp
threw my heart onto my sleeve
and stopped putting on that shirt
i was playing way too cool
cuz i was tryna hide my hurt
but i’m silent though
still been keeping composure so that a smile will show
decompressing depression that’s astronomical
praying i can change a few lives before it’s time to go
time will show who really stacking up like it’s a dominos
for my people i’m down to go to war like geronimo
meeting competition in person is always comical
little n-gga keep him a uzi just for the drama tho
keeping in touch but still socially distant
pride won’t even let me at my ex over a mention
even though in these times i pray for her wisdom
but this birds view of mine let’s me track her ascension
just my way of saying i’m way too jaded for tension
i probably self destruct when i find a match like i’m tnt
i’m working on a book it’s called the life and times of being me
until then my pinky up cabernet phone on dnd
but i’m still silent though
jus o