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letra de back home - junior doctor


back home

i spend a lot of my time drinking
but i have to say i’ve spend more thinking
of what we could be
and i’m not sure where to go now
cause lately every time i close my eyes
i picture you and me

and i keep trying to run away, cause being here is killing me
i’ve never felt so alone

i’ll never forget her
i gave up everything we had, and went out on my own
when the drugs never get me high enough
and this alcohol goes down so rough
i keep trying but i can’t let her go
and i just wanna go back home

if only i could swallow my pride
instead of trying to hide all this pain that i’ve been in
my nights could be less cold and lonely
cause lately every time i close my eyes, i picture you with him

trapped motionless here, i wish i hadn’t turned into this
for so long i thought if there’s one thing i knew
of all the things i would miss
you’d be the last on that list
but i found out what i miss the most is you

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