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letra de after the storm - ​juneforever


she’s a soul reaper
she’s a soul reaper
she’s a soul reaper

[verse 1]
faded all, see my pain, see my light go
see heart, see my tide close in
you folded, you holding
baby what do you want from me?
i got these blues baby, counting through these fees
i got my soul out, baby would you need it
it’s all cold now, my soul is freezing
your soul is cold now, i know you weeping
i lost control now, i feel it creeping
i’m smoking dro now, this blunt i’m chiefing
oh, yeah
oh, yeah
oh, no, no
oh, no, no
oh, yeah

[verse 2]
keep that energy
when i slide down, you might feel me
with the top down, angel feel the breeze
and when i lie down, baby ain’t no way
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
we pull up in a wraith and we sliding on you
boy don’t playing no games with me
little baby stay cognizant