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letra de crash into the forest - juliet's apartment


[verse 1]
i wish that the miles were smaller
that the sun would rise a little slower
the floor doesn’t make good company
when i could have you here with me
and the red hasn’t left my face
i swear i know my place
but the red is still on our face
next time will be your place

when i was kid and a boy liked a girl they’d
crash into the forest
crash into the forest
i wanna crash into the forest
with you!
[verse 2]
the miles have to bе larger
than life i swear i’d bartеr
if it meant the chance of you and me
i’d try and sell both of these kidneys
and you’ll say
it’ll be okay
maybe someday
life won’t be in the way

i thought that we look pale and annoyed
a slip of the tongue not the fault of freud
i’m sorry that this has to be a choice
but who the f-ck lives in illinois?!

crash into the forest
fate cannot avoid us
i wanna crash into the forest
a love pouring in torrents