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10 feet - juice wrld


uh, i don’t wanna try bruh

uh, acidic, a bunch of bad habits with bad magic
can’t disappear and re-appear in the same sentence, i’m bad at it
the mad hatter, the perc packer
the mom thrasher
the perc mixed with the syrup turn me into a contractor
a straight tweak, so high i can’t speak
been three weeks, i still haven’t met my peak
like i could be someone other than myself
like i could find a little heaven up in my h-ll
yeah i know it never ever end well
yeah i know i always fall victim to a rich spell
uh, like abracadabra
the flow so raw, forgot to grab magnums
been raw-d-gg-n’ b-tches ever since i went platinum
i feel like h-ll full of bad b-tches
wonder if it’s room in heaven for savages
my life’s a canvas, i’m paintin’ in blood like a cannibal
rip off his head and i salvage it, huh
a little too graphic
at least you n-gg-s know that i still got the p-ssion
of someone who don’t got sh-t, but the clothes on they back
and its been that way since way back since
like i’m a k!ller or somethin’
these n-gg-s lip-singin’ like milli vanilli or somethin’
i’m like lil’ wayne i got a milli-milli-milli or somethin’
i guess, i’m rich, in broke pockets
bountiful, my soul’s empty, so deep, ten feet

times ten feet
f-ck love, it’s gon’ take more to convince me, that you with me
and not against me
where i’m from we loaded up
pop out and turn n-gg-s into mince meat

[non-lyrical instrumental outro]