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letra de how i feel - juelz santana


man all i hear is santana this, santana that
santana you can’t do this, santana you can’t do that
man why i can’t i just smoke a blunt and be me
that’s how i feel..
okay it’s santana, i’m back again
you know what man? what? what?
this is… yea

you f-ckas don’t know a d-mn thing about me (nope)
a piece, a part, a hamstring about me
the streets my heart you can’t get it out me, it’s
you f-ckas know me, it was a sharp throb in my bones
i looked it was my own flesh, heart, and my bones, problems at home (home)
so i left them there, got up out the atmosphere
misery, loves company, i don’t respect that there
dip set on the posta, boy for coming so close to
being the black lagrosta nostra
jim is my big buzzin, zeek’s my big cousin
killa’s my big n-gg-, also my big brother
we are the dip family, get a grip family
nothin alive can divide this family
so come on roll with the set, come on roll with the best
the pain is felt n-gg-z know that you stressed (oh)
the game itself don’t notice your stress
you been left smokin, zoning on steps (no)
that’s not the way to go, but that’s the way you’ll go
if you don’t get up off you -ss and find a way to go
streets to rap, yea that’s the way i went
now its beats and rhymes, that’s the way i pay the rent
f-ck what ya think n-gg-
cause this is..

n-gg-z know me

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