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letra de merk streak – juarense


merk streak

(verse 1)
aye, mercy to the weak, try to test my street yuh
i make a bands 4 times a week, yuh
n-gg-s want beef with me, yuh
i send them my army fleet, yuh
bullsh-t a n-gg- he snaps, i was just smoking this pack
all you lack, basic sk!lls to talk to me, trash, n-gg-s are whack
yuh, yuh, yuh, you got me all mad
now man up f-ggot it’s time to attack
time to unpack, time to load up on drugs and this cash
time to act brash, time to flash out the aks and hit you with facts, wearing all black. pull down the mask
rage to the max, smoking some crack
chop down the ax, leave your pulse flat then you quickly collapse
look me in the face, i’m not done f-ggot i am too crazed
i am deranged, f-ck a n-gg- up and not f-ck with no case, go do the race
then, b-tch what, hide out hussein
n-gg-s gonna have to catch me in the dark where it rains. that’s all i’m saying

yes, merk streak complete. aye
diamonds on fleek. aye
k!lling the beat. aye
care pack for me. aye
i am elite. aye
stomp down with cleats. aye
you lie and you cheat. aye
i can’t see defeat. aye

(verse 2)
smoking the loud pack i’m gone
chilling and stroking my bone
i like to write sh-t alone
flexing on n-gg-s too strong
scratches on head, stacking some bread
beefing with me n-gg- you losing your cred
why don’t you get your f-cking bands up instead
n-gg-s with no money try to come up on me
broke n-gg-s hate me and they try to hunt me
but your little sister is boutta hump me
just like weed n-gg- i’ll smoke you bluntly
and never relax, i waste you like my annual tax
get it all cash, my card got maxed like weightlifting cl-ss. you not gone last
f-ck it smoke on some gr-ss
enough bullsh-t you f-ck n-gg-s are whack
come outside and face the trap
i flex on the snap. f-ggots quick to attack
anyone who has a problem with that jerks off to scat. where you f-gs at?
where you all at?
you talking all that but not pulling up facts
yuh, merk you on sight
hop on this flight
sipping on sprite, british rap is sh-te, n-gg- goodnight. have a nice night
i’m high as a kite. b-tch i’m sublime
3 kd, n-gg- goodbye