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letra de 2019 - jt machinima


with another decade come and gone
the 11th year of jt music continues
let us recount the trials and tribulations of 2019

[verse 1: jt & patfan]
who wants a two thousand nineteen year in review?
from jt music? here we go, dude!
what’s a cool milestone that we hit, bro?
3 million subs, and i don’t mean quiznos
finally made that half-life rap
debuted our first nintendo track
plus a doki doki song that we just made
even though it came out about 2 years late
started a soundcloud, check out our playlist
apparently, now we’re tik-tok famous
hey man, we should make our own account!
i bet we could, let’s figure it out
we invested in more live action projects
like red dead, don’t know how we’ll top that
you got to applaud for the crew we work with
so give it up for ’em, cuz they deserve it