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letra de expectations - jrftw


i don’t think you guys, know about all the expectations that you put on me
and put in my head
i’m trying my best but
my anxiety
my depression
my mental health
it’s going down the drain

all these expectations that i put on my self
don’t help my mental health
don’t help my problems, help my issue
really going through it
but you don’t know about it
only time i vent
is when i write

write to relieve how i feel
trying to heal
but everyones looking to me for advice
i try not to be bias, but this album will they evеn buy this

i try to help
when i can’t evеn help myself
y’all don’t know about all the pressure
all the stress, all the anxiety
my depression

i need another therapy session
i need an ear to listen
scary thoughts in my brain
so much pain

all the ones who left me
left me to be
life is such a struggle
i just need a hug or to cuddle
wrapped up in all this sh-t
really taking a toll, taking a hit
gotta impress everyone on the internet
and i’m getting sick and tired of it

i can’t always be positive
when i’m going through it
but that’s what i really
built my self on

i need a break

yeah i need a break

i need a break from life

all these expectations that everyone puts on me
i can’t handle em’, let me be
i’m one person
chill out before i worsen

i can only take so much
so much, pressure
already on me
i need some rest
i know that i’m blessed
blessed with a curse
i feel everyone’s pain
including my own

but can’t keep on going like this
i can’t keep working like this
i can’t be there 24/7
i’m half asleep already by 11

my family i’m letting them down
i always gotta sneak around
my real friends i ignore
my mind thinking i’m a wh0re

last night was a blur
catch my second wind and f-cking till 4
my serotonin levels are all over the place
my problems that i’m too scared to face

zoloft keeping me numb
smoking again, f-ck i’m dumb
all these exceptions in life
causing me pain
causing me stress
anxiety at an all time
depression all the way up

you don’t get it
i do this to myself but

i need a break

yeah i need a break

i need a break from life