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letra de blvd - jraw702


las vegas
1 2 uh 1 2 1 2
normally don’t get on they beats and sh-t
ima have to flip this one tho
two tray
it’s raw sh-t

[verse one]
this one for the fellas
since we keep our pride inside
pushin that to the side
spillin the real other n-ggas scared to spill
warning sirens going off
black n gold
k!ll bill

i really let shawty get the worst of me
together long live forever how it was supposed to be
the pain and trauma i put myself in made me grim let me down
ora turned ugly
nasty boys northtown

don’t ever assume what a young brothas goin thru
when i had more to offer than the sonic drivein menu
didn’t mean to fall for ya is hard as i did
sh-t got tragic
hot boxed summertime
stand still traffic

stand still
not over you still
i mean uh

feel like i’m the king
though i guess i’m nothing
i mean uh

when love hits you later
i guess it hits you harder

disappointing like the 2023
daygo fathers

i’ve been goin thru some things
cuz we ain’t nothang
shoulda been somethang

b-tches in the mix
pushed aside
no dame
guess the time never came
though you changed the last name

sh-t wasn’t with the babydady
guess we won one
we got baggage
f-ck tsa
fam i gotta run

she in love with the one she is with
she’ll replay this track 9 times in a row
but she don’t hear me tho

she don’t hear me tho
she don’t hear me tho
custom hoodie
number 9
on the back
never hit it off
fam sh-t pretty whack
but she don’t hear me tho

las vegas
she don’t hear me tho
chicago wayne’s world
she don’t hear me tho
pittsburgh atl
she don’t hear me tho
from the bay
up to the gta
she don’t hear me tho

she don’t hear me tho
df dub and buffalo
she don’t hear me tho

albuquerque milwaukee
it’s not me
far from golden
no champ
no hockey
but she don’t hear me tho

detroit and denver
she dont hear me tho
philly ok city
she don’t hear me tho

could have gave ya everything that you need
all we needed was to be on one team
but she don’t hear me tho

make peace
i’m trying
n-gga damaged fam
fo real

a brotha gotta move on
sh-t ain’t a love song
or should i say loss yo

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