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letra de i got bread – jp reynolds


at our low points
we can’t let our joy dissolve
stay up
stay up, up, up

i got a dollar in my pocket and million ideas in my head
thanking the lord i got bread
thanking the lord i got bread
thanking the lord i got bread
and i’m steady on the grind cuz the ants don’t rest
eyes pierce struggle in a trance focused
steady on the grind cuz the ants don’t rest
throwing up my hands kuz i am so blessed
verse 1:
it’s like everyday i wake up
everybody around me is tryna get they cake up
everybody tryna survive and stay alive
people be like where is the god in a 9-5
what you gon do?
in the hood they be shooting
drugs a problem too
in the burbs they be shooting
and we’re battling upstream
and i be looking crazy when i begin to sing
tell them about the joy
enough with all the sorrow
tears falling tonight, but ima smile tomorrow
i ain’t tellin stories but i pray you catch the moral
on my shoulders you can lean and my ears you can borrow
where he hope at, put it in the air
we getting too comfortable with them bullets in the air
and i know that we’re all responding to something
but it’s about time that i come with the triumphant


verse 2:
eyes straight, head tilted down looking at an angle
staring at their phones but i’m looking up towards the angels
pleading lord please will you show me the way
i can show the people you so we can get through the day
and i ain’t selling miracles, no money making schemes
but i necessity i hear it though for tummy aches and screams
people looking for love, in jewelry and salaries
hustlers move weight
ike crunches moved calories
dudes muggin, no folgers involved
people tryna survive only see the smoke and the fog
go from doing all right to where hope is dissolved
now they something like august cuz they close to a fall
aww man how i wish i could take away the pain now i’m feeling childish
i gotta ask the creator don’t possess this type of splendor
all grown up now i know when i should surrender


verse 3:
i can see it in his eyes, carry spirit so heavy
i feel his heart broken like parents at cemeteries
what i wanna provide, don’t know if i am capable
praying that he hold it all together like a staple though
now i’m thinking maybe i should talk to him
i feel it in my spirit go ahead just walk to him
he asked me for some change but i’m broke myself
so i said god bless you, what i spoke he felt
can comp-ssion be exchanged in a handshake?
i understand that if we touch and agree, that demands faith
and on this man’s face something changed
just because of the touch something got rearranged
he coulda thought i was strange, but i realized
we’re invisible when we only really care about i
war i wanna stop it
put love on the docket
but while i got a dollar in my pocket, i’ll speak life


it’s true i’ve dreamed
sheep feed the mult-tudes
who are you
where is your root?
human lack
or divine gift
time for a shift
and let’s dance while we at it

i got bread
thanking the lord i got bread