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letra de everybody wants to be loved - jovy


everybody wants to be loved — jovy

jimmy filled his life with the last thing
all that money can brings
but it’s not enough

think he can fill up the void inside
the one thing he wants to hide
but it just too tough

but what does
he really want
no different than anyone

reff: everybody wants to be loved
are you able to comprehend
have you try to understand

everybody wants to be loved
there’s nothing that can replace
the comfort of love embrace

jenny never knew who her parents were
she grew up on her own
cold and old alone

now she calls the mercy was treat her hope
but people p-sses her by
none would see her in the eyes

she ask is there love
for such as me
why is it so hard to see

all the name and faces, time and places
like the season they will change
but one thing will remain

repeat reff

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