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letra de loose ends - josua (singer/songwriter)


[verse 1]
am i going way too fast?
my foot is stuck on the gas
looking right and left, indecisive at its best
i’m just a name on your list, with a heartache at risk

walk in with the b-tterflies
pull me to h-ll, not paradise
memorized your smile, i recognize that smell
everything that you’ve said sounds like a deadly spell

[verse 2]
december’s coming up
well, i think i’ve had enough
no more pity, f-ck, wishing you best of luck
another check on your list, there was nothing you risked

[pre-chorus 2]
your last was an absolute ten
i’m no close to being competent
i’ve got big shoes to fill, not sure of what you’re feelin’
don’t need the labels, please tell me when will

[chorus 1]
i can go and take you out tonight?
can i hold you and make it alright?
can i stop living in delusion with all the mess and the confusion
i’m badly broken down and bruised and
why can’t you always be by my side?
why can’t i work it out this time?
always living in delusion, i made the mess but now confused and
can’t even tie up all the loose ends

[verse 3]
you’re a master of disguise
you made me believe your lies
when i feel your touch, then look into your eyes
why don’t i see someone that i recognize?

you’re a roller coaster ride
said i’ll be with you ’til i die
giving me the rush but it’s never enough
you’re the drug in my veins, healing and making the pain

[pre-chorus 2]
your next will be another gem
i’m just a stepping stone for them
you’ll leave me in dust, not caring how i’m feelin
you’ll probably break my heart and then go

[chorus 2]
he’ll go and take you out tonight
hold him close and you’ll be alright
forget about all my delusions, does it have to be this confusin’?
you look like nothing ever happened
why can’t i get you off of my mind?
why can’t i let you go this time?
stuck inside my own delusion, i cannot escape the illusion
i’m still holding on to the loose ends

maybe i’m just a fool
maybe i’m just to use
maybe i’m just a victim of your game
maybe i’m just to blame

maybe you’re just a fake
maybe you’re not ashamed
maybe you’re meant to k!ll me wide awake
maybe you’re just the same

can we go and take it slow tonight?
can we make it through all of the fights?
stop living in a delusion, find a way to end the confusion
we’re badly broken down and bruised and

can both of us make this all right?
can we both make it up tonight?
tired living in delusions, we made the mess but now confused and
we need to tie up all the loose ends

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