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letra de sinner - josh thompson



i am not proud of, the fact that i’ve used his name in vain.
i ain’t sat in a pew in a few sundays
i don’t always turn the other cheek
and i worked on the sabbath last week
there’s been a few things
and a few woman that have done more than just tempt me
my heart been filled with hate, greed, and envy.
but i believe that jesus died to save souls like me

cause i’m a sinner
that’s just what i am
sometimes the devil can get the upper hand
but i hit my knees
close my eyes and bow my head
and thank the good lord that when ti comes to forgiveness
he is no quitter
cause i am a sinner

if heaven had a limit
on the number of commandments that you could break
before they cast your soul away
well there is no doubt where ill be heading and i check out


yeah, i am a good guy
most the time my heart is in the right place
but i have my days where i run a little low on faith so far from grace
that i loose my way