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letra de 0214 - joseph muniz


i’m needing you by my side
make me feel special inside
you got a smile so bright
thought you were pretty decided to slide
we’ve come so far today
i’ma need you stay
i feel some kind of way
glad i can call you babe (babe, babe)

did it hurt when you fell from the sky?
i can’t deny
the way that i see you blessing in disguise
you by my side
baby there’s no one i want, you a prize
that feeling inside
so much b-tterflies
prayed for someone but got more than described
come take my hand know you down for the ride

know you down for the ride

baby you should know i need you
baby you should know i want you

look i ain’t here to waste your time cause i ain’t tryna waste mine
you’ll probably do a lot of time if looking good was a crime
cheesy, loving the pick up lines
and i ain’t trying touch your body i’m just trying to touch your mind

ah man

beauty ain’t a thing you surp-ssed it
women in the past i know that they can’t match with
you, girl you’re so matchless
i ain’t never seen this coming baby you so catfish

praying lots about you for the times we had
and the way you make me feel, pray you get to be my last

all these dudes in the past man i’m glad they never worked out
differences but ain’t nothing we can’t work out

talking about the future and our goals so authentic
think about it i just really know you gone be in it

my decision
never quitting
and when i think about your smile i get lost in it
i’m tripping
falling, each and every single day
get to know you deeper each and every single way

praying that you stay
praying, i got faith
baby we gone last this ain’t ever fake
you are here to stay

the way you serve at church i can’t deny
the type of girl that got me seeking deeper after god

you a dime
i’m so glad you’re mine
baby you a 10
you a date to remember