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letra de 2am in cape town - jordan may


[verse 1]
it’s two o’clock on the dock
talking to god, staying out of the streets
i keep like four or five brothers in christ on the side of me
don’t gotta be afraid, be afraid
coming out the world you gotta switch the pace
he’s calling, calling me by name

it’s two am in cape town up thinking bout how much i’ve been blessed
you said you’re working all things, ain’t gotta rush or have no regrets

it’s two am in cape town i can’t sleep, but in christ i found rest
i know your working all things

[verse 2]
when we bring our real selves to god
whether it’s when we’re feeling doubt, anger, fear, whatever
when we bring ourselves to god in our true and authentic self
and just allow ourselves to sit in that
it gives him the sp-ce to be our comfort, our healing, our joy, our correction
and we can see from nehemiahs story that when he did that
he was given the wisdom, and the insight, to actually solve the problem
rather than trying to do it in his own strength

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