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letra de prodigal like me - jonny diaz


joshua blow your trumpets towards the walls around my heart
and you better bring your army come and tear my world apart
moses help me wander from the desert that i’ve found
cause it feels like forever since my knees have touched the ground

i never thought i would be this way
to let what we were begin to fade
i never thought i could say goodbye to all we had
i never thought i would come to be
alone with all my apathy
i never thought you could still love a prodigal like me

david grab a stone and sling it toward my giant pride
debra call the troops cause i’m ready for a fight
peter there’s a roaster did you once again deny
or am i the guilty one who can’t look him in the eye

(…prodigal like) me with so much sin and shame
in need of such amazing grace
but still i find i turn away from you