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letra de 0-100/the catch up - jon curse


(verse 1)

f-ck being on some chilled sh-t
we go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
they be on that rap to get the b-tch sh-t
and she don’t feel sh-t not even a lil bit
oh lord, know yourself know you’re worth n-gga
my p-n-s make her scream louder than your words n-gga
yeen f-cking blue b-lls like a smurf
if b-tches want to do it we going do it while i work n-gga
oh lord i am never on vacation
shout out to em rapper giving me that motivation
shout out to em wife’s allowing me fornication
i’m like usain leaving all you rappers chasing
(uh) i’m a rookie but i rap
better than you n-ggas making money of a track
better than you n-ggas acting like you know the trap
better than you n-ggas walking around being strapped
(uh) money power fame cannot change me
i’m not a librarian books drive me crazy
i don’t like reading i prefer a movie
desert eagle beauwa beat k!lling sh-t doozy
uh ain’t there any compet-tion
n-ggas thought we is the same but my rhymes h-lla different
n-ggas dissing each other hip hop they tryna cripple it
b-tches f-cking around other busy making triplets
(uh)ain’t there rappers that can beat
i’m know i’m not the best but i’m potentially ricky
meaning imma be a boss
beard under my chin inspired by rick ross
i’m a prodigy
the prodical son of economy
erbody body need me want me cause they follow me
i am up in the sky my occupation astronomy
when you speak to me i hope that it is a colloquy
(uh) ain’t there any quality
n-ggas got alota bad songs choosing quant-ty
audibly honestly they playing with the prophecy
saying qjay will be born on an odyssey
a long journey in front of me
wack n-ggas busy hunting me
but i won’t fold standing firm solidly
you a wannabee that’s your pholocefy
n-ggas cannot f-ck with me
because i’m a monstrosity
0-100 (x2)
i wrote a f-cking trade policy
my songs going overseas
this is a democracy
people choose who they f-cking need

(the catch up)

channy said i must enjoy my teen years
but my mind stuck there in p.e
i’m thinking bout how she deceived me
but i did the same none of us to blame
not even ashamed
one day imma be on tv
expressing every intimate feeling
about how i felt raising to the sealing
no lies i didn’t come from dealing
i came from a single parent
but i knew my daddy
he be switching cars and bras
supporting others instead of me
but i don’t care no more
god decides who i love and get a feeling for
okay imma give my daddy some credit
not here maybe if imma edit
cause i’m fed up he didn’t see me grow
he didn’t even care
i’m don’t even know if i have a granny there
a grandpa giving me stuff to play with
whole squad on that real sh-t
that be my homies that i parade with
(uh)dmg on the real sh-t
can’t you see the way i live
can’t you see the way i stay
can’t you see i’m on my knees er day i have to pray
for the lord to forgive me for harm i brought the world
er-day i’m on my bed thinking bout my only girl
i’m sorry
for those i’m hurting by expressing my feelings
jesus died for us so in him i’m believing
i got good friends i can name a few
but they would be shocked by my point of view
mellison helped me true allot a problems
line se made me laugh err time i wanna
those two they are my psychologists
my angels in a world full of sh-ts