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letra de highwayman - john's shower band


[verse 1]
you can tell a perfect ballad
by how threatening it gets
i’ll take your money
you should take your bets
i’m a highwayman
and i make ends meet
just like any man
i work with my hands
if you cross my path
i’ll knock you out
steal your shoes
from of your feet
i’m a highwayman
and i make ends meet
[verse 2]
no man, no man can touch me
oh but the devil’s grasp so cold
i need girl, i need a partner
to sail between the devil
and the deep blue sea
because i’m a
way to a forsaken people
abandon all hope
he who enter here
i’ve destroyed actors
and many a hero
reduced bank accounts
from billions to none
the better a person
i’m just a highway man
but i make ends meet