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letra de #08105 - johngotii


verse 1:

welcome to my slums the city that i’m from
where my n-gg-s smoke strong
but they weaken up they lungs
tryna get away from pain
if not we go insane if not we blow our brains
it’s so much to maintain every man gotta eat if he don’t then he starve 8th grade where i put my first pack in my draws stomach touching
to get it right yo i had a do wrong
just tellin it how it was yo this more then a song this every feeling that i had when i was woke at night roaches crawling on the floor momma said hold tight
we was late on the rent they cutt the heat in the vent so ima let my feelings spill gimme space for a vent
i’m tired of being broke n-gg- this is from a joke dirty clothes no detergent had a wash it with soap
did it all in the tub hands covered with mud scrub alil harder if i wanna wash out the blood. i’m being real i ain’t never had much in my life i slept in shelters with my mom yo that feeling was trife when i was three i was molested by a girl that was nine so n-gg- know i keep it true when i’m writing these rhymes… i get deep while my n-gg-s get k!lled in the streets tryna sell loud packs like them head phone beats it get hard life is short but i stand tall i need the keys to my kingdom trapped inside of my skull

verse 2:

erbody say i’m changed
john not the same
john think he better then us cause he getting fame
if you n-gg-s only knew i’m doing it all for you staring at grey sky wishing it turn blue
i rember cereal and water for my dinner we was living downtown
broadway lemme pickup i was a lil n-gg- taught by n-gg-s doing stick ups i never lied once bout the stuff that i live up hung where them k!llas be learned how to taa lk street sidestepping the devil that n-gg- tryna off me tried me out parkside heart started pumping when i heard em let them darts fly 2 shots barely got grazed still alive
i am not a homicide plus to this today i still be chilling out parkside n-gg- i ain’t scared of nun this is where i came from day 2 is never promised every moments a1
i quote the words a wise man once said before 40 real n-gg-s get hit up with lead so if die after that then i did sumn wrong just make sure at my funeral they playing this song and i ain’t tryna make it up see this everything i live i could never make it up cause i got everything to give