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letra de 0 to 100 ( freestyle) - joell ortiz


i go 0 to 100 ,n-gg-, real quick
like my white girl in a field trip
can’t n-body find her when they do
that girl is a real hit
and they still tryin’ to charge a n-gg- 43
i mean 43? come on, dog , this is me
my man said he’s gonna get a special 48
show me that sh-t so you can come and meet my special 48
i don’t play ,i’m on the ground ,boy
n-gg- takes his time ,boy
my n-gg- is a none boy
house boy, you ain’t never be a house boy
when i’m out here with my gang
i’m talking about the house boy
but they got some sh-t in common
both rap n-gg-z
some rappin’ and some’
you can do it n-gg-z
that language you’re trying to talk
‘don’t be confused by the dumb flow
i’ve just been sitting down, watching
prepare to feel that kick back
takin’ my city back
all that chit-chat is stoppin’
move left, disrespect, f-ck a hoe
once i get the air ,they only care about who’s left
man i look at that powder
rap in its purest form
no soda,no flower
homie i am one of one , you are f-cked up like an 101
i’ll have my dog spot you like 101
dodge you and then drop you
don’t fall back now i thought you wanted some
this is good s-x to me
a whole bunch of f-cking fun
man, i do this with my eyes closed
yesterday i bought 500, n-gg-,real quick

hold on!
they like wife,still a hustler
a n-gg- let it gain,baby, real sh-t
i go 0 to 100 , n-gg-, real quick,real quick