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letra de third quarter – joel bryant


anger in my soul
i won’t give control
trying to chase a dream
focused like a laser beam
everybody taking sh-t
all you rappers counter fit
it’s okay though
you just lit the fuse
now watch me run like usain bolt
and just take you’re views
this industry tryna play me
these chances are looking grainy
got promotion pages
in my dms doing traces
charging for a tweet is
so outrageous
unless you a superstar athlete
or a superstar rap treat
all these lil’s with pills and fake rap sheets
got me going f-cking crazy
losing my mind
my flows are refined
im just doing me
on the flow fluently
i let it out when i’m on the flow
i’m just feeling some type away
trust me you’re going to know
but i gotta let go
but i can’t let it go

dudes on their girls social
acting woeful and pretending to be boastful
you can’t even message a chick nowadays
untrusting man in her dm flipping sideways
pitiful outrage
oh my gosh i’m losing it
and if you’re talking, don’t think that i’m excusing it
who is that line at
just keep construing it
d-mn near start -ssuming it
hate wasting my time in college
these numbers holding me hostage
i don’t really f-ck with this system
i’d rather work it out, on my own condition
strait to the point
man a to b
not traveling from e to c
forget all that
like man what you mean
i tried to dead it all, and apologize
but you left me on read, which filled me with despise
wish that your first diss , was worth my time
that sh-t was phoney
like words coming from joely
anger in my soul, sometimes i give control
sometimes i fall to deep
wish to stay in my sleep
my soul is empty
but my heads full
self -ssembly
self fixing
self intervention
sometimes we all need self correction
shift myself to the right direction
if you talk to me wrong
you might have a hole in your wall
i done taking obvious disrespect
even from people i respect
f-ck this job ,my pride is way more important to protect
you about to catch some f-ck you’s
like it’s a chance the rapper song
you might need security
if you keep on talking to me wrong
you’re wishing on your life
throw a stone into the wishingwell
i’ll throw a stone at you but trust me i won’t be wishing you well
love life has been up-and-down like a teeter totter
lost faith in my trust and started to wonder if i should even bother
leaving me on read or, never even texting back
getting to the point where i’m honestly expecting that
stepping forward, and then stepping back
emptiness in my soul
i need some one to keep it from getting too cold
lonely nights i lie awake
pray to lord that i don’t break
pray to lord my soul don’t take
losing my mind
losing my soul
my flows are refined
im on the go
im on the role
im honor role
i gotta go
i gotta chance
i gotta prove that i belong here
i gotta prove that i belong here
i don’t shed no tears
nowadays i just cry alone
nowadays i just cry at home
nowadays i don’t cry no more
ive shed too many tears
to even care
too many tears