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letra de paperchains - joel baker


[verse 1]
is it even true?
and where is it all leading to?
my short sight is good at stealing views
believing truths appear as lies like eating fruits
i’m so numb, i can’t believe the news
stirring [?] reheated soups
counting breaths in 3’s and 2’s
is this even true?

[verse 2]
why do i limp before i’ve lost a leg?
fear grips my hostage head
death, my fostered friend, lost the end
my worn answers get washed likе the socks i’ve lost again
slow down, oh how i wish therе was time
the days fall in high like a water slide
as i form my side to h–rd the light
i often forget to call goodbye
i try and store the sights
before i know the roses, it’s autumn time
[verse 3]
but i saw you cry
yeah, i caught a glance
do i really need answers or an open hand?
do i need a zeus or a broken man?
these days, my mind steers like a loaded van
taking garden shears to holy lands
but inside my trojan plans, do i know who i am?
reflections, strength and as darkness grows
and too often in my party clothes, it hardly shows
but as my imaginary friends start to go
i part the boat long enough to become the only one my father knows

[verse 4]
please calm the ghosts
i see them all inside the glass
i close my eyes like it’s the last
a spearhead in my side as i fight the past
sinking in sodden and clovered fields
dying under horses and roman shields
i can see this moment for how i will, statue still
and as the days fold out like paperchains
i wait, i wait, i wait in vain
to see your gorgeous face again