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letra de young niggaz - joe budden


[joe budden ad libs]

[dj on point – talking over joe budden]
this sh-t right here in called young n-gg-z
shout out to my n-gg- ron browz on the beat
whole monie ave, i see you

(dj on point)

[verse 1 – joe budden]
yo, my struggle’s a little different
y’all n-gg-z was selling, i was sniffin
psyche, rewind it, i’m just kiddin (oh!)
i was hangin with old cats, tryna put my bid in
same safe you was stackin in, i was tryna get in
y’all was f-ckin with pigeons (naw)
i was on malcolm x, lookin for a jar for my cig to get dipped in (oh!)
was still spittin, before the video vixens
around the time ewing had got dunked on by pippen
n-gg-z was still pitchin
i was stealin money from my moms anytime she left her purse in the kitchen (that was f-cked up)
guzzlin a fifth and
i was high as a f-ck, od’n on visine, so my eyes wouldn’t glisten (oh!)
moms still b-tchin
she thought i knew better, but i didn’t
she tried to talk to ’em, wouldn’t listen (listen, wouldn’t listen)
it’s almost like somethin inside of me kept itchin
i thought the streets loved me, naw who was i kiddin? (kiddin)
god lookin like the devil (oh)
sendin me to the p-wn shop anytime i found sh-t that looked like metal
i dropped outta school, naw not to be cool
i was sittin there bored, thought all y’all was fools
f-ck i wanna read up on “romeo & juliet”
way back, i ain’t even have my first toolie yet
angie ain’t even make that knife go through me yet (talk to ’em)
matter fact, i ain’t even smoke my first bollie yet
tried to have it wrapped, but things wasn’t a doobie yet
what was comin for me, but naw it ain’t subdue me yet

[chorus – joe budden]
young n-gg-z, know i used to be a young n-gg-
i used to pop off to prove i ain’t the one n-gg-
b and e’s, stick ups and dirty guns n-gg-z
this before i finally had my little young n-gg-

young n-gg-z, god keep me from these young n-gg-z
not the smart ones lord, just the dumb n-gg-z
might have me thinkin i’m still one of them n-gg-z
sh-t changed from when i used to be a young n-gg-

(you know why his name is on point, cause he on point p-ssy)

[verse 2 – joe budden]
yo, aiyyo
my first time locked up, i was a child
met up with mad n-gg-z i ain’t seen in a while (yeah)
and it wasn’t bad bein locked in with them (but)
but couldn’t fathom lockin in at 10
like f-ck readin a book, sat on my bunk, mad time to get my thoughts straight
one month, one shower, still without a court date
just bags of nicotine, rollin paper
did pull ups, push ups, how the f-ck’d i get here?
war stories, you hear a lot of sh-t here
great place to visit, but naw don’t wanna live here (live here …)
naw gotta get my mind in a new place
grimey -ss n-gg-z stealin my socks and toothpaste
can’t ever remember feelin such neglect
but snakes get snaked (dog), what the f-ck’d i expect? (expect)
i thought if anything i had earned n-gg-z respect
but n-gg-z hung up soon as they heard “collect”
had my mag with the t-ts out
o.g.s’ said to me the streets don’t love you, they’ll be there when you get out
bunch of the same people, stealin the same sp-ce
a few of ’em’ll die, a few will take your place
i prayed to god that i never catch another case
cause co’s just treat us like we rats in a maze
you wonder why joey always hype and smilin (why?)
i was this close to rikers island
was bein on rikers, wilin (wilin)
i’ve been through way worse sh-t than havin a few gripes about my alb-m (c’mon)

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[dj on point – talking over chorus]
shout out to mixtapekings.com
can’t forget my n-gg- moozoo, victory square

[outro – joe budden – talking (echo)]
for real
god keep me from these little young n-gg-z man
cause i’ll f-ck around and get a bid
make me somethin stupid and sh-t
made me resort to bein ..
bein the old me and sh-t
i worked hard to get money
i ain’t tryna go back
i ain’t tryna go back to the hood, keep my eyes lit up
keep me from these n-gg-z, for real