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letra de check me out - joe budden


[verse 1:]
now let me ask you a question
who are you? where you from? what you reppin?
is every bar about a burner or a weapon?
now he all g-ssed up by his presence
some tell me that my music is depressing, but
the best rapper in the world, i was destined
jumpoff! must be the exception
am i the only one that’s progressing in the recession?
they tell me tricking ain’t tricking if you got it
i never heard more false words spoken
so, if i told you i’m a leave your wrist frozen
i was either lying to you or just joking
you could be in a wet t-shirt soaking,
you could, stomach how your sheets get like the ocean
you could jerk me off with a bottle of lotion while ya legs open
and have trouble gettin a token
i grew up a lil, see i’m much more mature,
my repar is one you can adore
that wasn’t always the case so that’s for starter
i’m enjoying the hood, the one after father
i used to invest in heroin
with money in maryland, not marrow lynch
morgan stanley, goldman sachs,
and now i’m holding stacks as i stroll in saks
sing it!
uh, check me out now!

[verse 2:]
when i was younger i used to get -ss for sport
now i’m less about her s-x, i’m more into her thoughts
nah, i ain’t mean to cross that yet, i regress
i’m more into her thoughts on s-x
and the property, f-ck what’s across my neck
be clear, i’m more into her career then her hair
her mindstate; nothing is insurmountable
i’m worried about her account, is she accountable?
real man sh-t, i’m no longer outlandish
the roof don’t drop but it’s panoramic
and i know haters can’t stand it
so i do it on purpose, still on my jerz sh-t
we don’t fall flat, and we never cave in
i leave pressure right to my doormat
all that adversity never worried me
if anything it feeds me, it a nourished me
i try to keep it a hundred, non fiction
lane switching in my true religions with the double st-tching
no fitted, t, kid robot
these rap n-gg-s is -ss and i don’t dig botox
into entering clubs, dodging photogs
so they can talk sh-t bout me for a whole blog
go hard, no prob, that’s the plan
no laughing joke son, i’m a grown -ss man

check me out now!

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