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letra de bread - jody kofu


you know it’s not a gun of mine
without a little goon tape

real life
i am quiet
just wanna listen
humble towards my position
i hang my head on forgiveness
i take it on the chin
cause i have taken wins
god had blessed me
when the bugs being pesky
i let ’em live
then again
when i was losin’
i done did the same thang
kept my mouth shut
unless i knew that his truth rang
god knows i am more than just two plane
that’s the thing
struggle writing
want light to be what i bring
like light from the moon
or strike from a boom
which one it gonna be
normally quick to listen
slow to anger and s-slow to speak
but i think
god said i don’t always gotta hold my t–th
woe is he
who takes advantage of my diplomacy
a shrouded cloud hangs over thee
one that i know you can’t defeat
it can’t be beat
i am not the one to take for granted
you think you got the marbles
but you haven’t seen the cannons
d-mn it
i didn’t want to have to do this
but you ran it
and now i gotta do to you
thrice what was dealt in damage
hold up
lemme go get my bread
thank god that i ain’t wound up dead

it’s times like these, my conscience don’t
want to listen
don’t want to listen though
right shoulder’s looking vacant
and i hate that i can’t shake it
guess my ego is miyagi
i should switch it up
let’s switch it up
wax on, wax off
that’s how it goes
be rest assured the rest is sure
the blessed is cured, the message pure
heaven’s only vestibule
coming up on a couple years ago
i could’ve been impoverished
need to 180 from that bullsh-t
kept me underneath the darkness
seven times out of ten
i keep thinking the evil one is talking
keeping a bible on my dresser
that’s the only weapon knocking
knock, knock, knocking
blood above my door
i got my neighbors speaking gossip
gossip, got, got gossip
spread the energy
from the steeple down to the brothel
speaking in tongues like a clairvoyant
flame up on my head, i guess l’m
this that news you can’t find on the
it’s the perfect remedy for paranoia
they got my back against the wall
i can’t find no reason to make it fall
you can’t afford the luxury to f-ck with me
i got a father
even he knows
no one is sonin’ me
i’m comfortably
loungin’ in dungarees with a gun on me
try to run up on me
im the good the bad and the ugly
brim down
the sun on me
i could fan
i could thumb the heat
or i could dump the nine till it’s time
to pull out the jumbo beam
this x-man’s got a mutant
gun go
doot doot
nardwuar interview ends
my blueprint
just said f-ck you in blue print
but i gotta thank god
he knew how to use it
mood flip
if i gotta stay cool
then i’m cool, sh-t
but if god calls me to war
let’s see if the shoe fits
two fists
shield of faith
and sword of the spirit
unholyness i’ll be
stabbin’ it like the captain pan’s labyrinth
‘atta kid atticus finch
k!ll a mocking bird for blabbin’ it
calling out mockery
no way in h-ll you keep berating
you got catcher in the ryan
stile, stop being angsty
your points don’t matter
if you ain’t holden flowers like banksy
if you drew on me i carrey
be ready for cad bane see
i don’t hate the players
i hate the game
but i hate to say
there’d never be a game
if the players had never played
i see the pain
and i don’t wish harm on anything
but spiritual warfare goes on like everyday
in many ways
and that’s the only place
that’s the only place
i ever
really want my gun to aim
tungsten frame
you know i got presence like the pumpkin king
my stomach shrank
just to handle the hunger pains
im hungry
i got guns
to protect my family
im hungry
gimme the funds to feed em fancy
im hungry
respect my name like the comanche
god on my side
so who can stand against me
god on my side
so who can stand against me

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