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letra de grow - jodie jermaine


i hit the beat and flip it upside down trust my lab is not the safest scene
telling me how j popped like i was their asian dream
rapping since 11 so you know i’ll get a millie
when i breakout like i’m willie
trust me you won’t see a stranger thing
they be tryna pick em off
i’m with god like inner fortress
tryna swoope in with that sinema
i’ll hit em with a k-dot that’s rigamortis
i said i’d send the beat upside down
cuz that’s where i get to gorging
they ain’t want my demodog
so i turned into a demogorgan
i can not rest till i dominate
gotta lotta fake to go digest it’s a process
right now i’ll be honest for your context
i’m somewhere between andy mineo and andy milonakis when my minds left to roam
i be ending up next to rome but whenever i feel ive been left alone here comes jesus to get me home. thank you
jodie gon quit that desk job
mixtape fitna rock headtops uuh
ceo in the game how i boss tons…
but i ain’t never rock them red sox
it is jodie jermaine
diablo stop
you just stoking the flame
my hope is the same
cut the ropes and the chains
hit my spurt i just grow in the pain like yeah
homie i’m just tryna grow
where i’m going i’ll never know
i’m tryna go pro
while they keep hating on the low
homie we about to go to the top to the tippy tippy top
watch em drip drip drippy you can miss me with the op
go to the top to the tippy tippy top
they looking if if iffy i get busy they just watching