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letra de chillin' in hk - jin


you know i gotta say something

lookin’ at, lookin’ at, lookin’ at me
look who got back on the m-i-c
been gone, for a minute not makin’ a sound
at least it’s how it seems cause i’ve been out of town
based in hongkong, don’t knock it til you try it
i mean it out here, no jenny craig diet
been less than 2 years, i can’t believe the hype
they hear what i’m sayin’ and they see it like skype
i make it moves, yes an -ssortiment
tv and film, multiple endors-m-nts
i’m on a mission, far from just chillin’
spittin’ in my native tongue, oh what a feelin’
ain’t the words not sayin’ i’m the best?
but when i kick a verse i’m hiphop in the flesh
tell me, why would you try to ruin this?
you know how long i’ve been doin’ this?
15 years, 10 in the game
go ahead, pretend like you don’t know my name
no rookie, i certify veteran
i ain’t really worried ’bout who you think is better than
jin, me, i’m more of a gentleman
they’re fighting for attention like leno and
i make my own name, cruisin’, zonin’
you can have a spot, yo call me conan
old brian, not the barbarian
stay away from beef like the best vegetarian
i’m all about positive thoughts
more than dollar signs you see god in my eyes
still perform when the cheques get paid
all the ladies go gaga when i step on stage
it always goes from just dancing
to ducking paparazzi and bad romances
switch my style like the beat does here
this is just a sample, can i get a clear?
absolutely, no need to be shocked
i can say anything and still make it sound hot like…

but i’d rather say something