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letra de *uncultured - jimmy luna


for the love of god, stop listening to rap n-ggas
you -uncultured
you just another dollar bill to these n-ggas
why you so invested?

[verse 1]
look, i challenge y’all to go and smile more
in america, they do us dirty like the towel floor
if it ain’t a racist mothaf-cka, it’s my own kin
the skin light, the inside is heavy like a strong gym (yeah)
cult leader, bow down untill your necks hurt
comment section turned these dumb n-ggas into experts
if you don’t know nothin’ that you talkin’, shut the f-ck up (shut the f-ck up n-gga)
n-ggas said they wanted something different, where did that go?
prolly with my sanity, front row at a mac show (rip)
he the only addict that the children should’ve listened to
at least he let them know not to be like him (oh)
real gs move in silence like-
so don’t listen to these loud mothaf-ckas on the internet
who you think is runnin’ sh-t?
mark zuckerberg (mark zuckerberg, that’s facts)
pan the camera up to the bottom of the upper third
rookie and a veteran, i’m better than the top 5 (uh-huh)
hip hop now a popularity contest
this is how you separate yourself from the process (okay, okay)
for the love of god, stop worshippin’ these rap n-ggas (oh)
you -uncultured
you’re just another bin-taker in the driveway
what you driven by?

[verse 2]
this is how to be a better person
find what makes you happy, make it happen till it’s workin’
and if it isn’t workin’, keep on doing it anyway
dying on your sword is the reward for your hard work
we livin’ in the world full of pyramid schemes (uh-huh)
everybody want the money so they’ll sell you a dream
i made -ghettoland because i want to sell you one to (uh-huh)
only difference between us is that i’ll tell you the truth
more than half of all my fanbase is white
i exploit my trauma in exchange for a like
usin’ what i have to tell a storey they can share
they convert all the attention to become a millionaire
plus the game that we in, it’s no deeper that that
i love music, don’t confuse it, this is deeper than rap
most rappers tell you anything to gain your allegiance
this is why we look like f-cking idiots defending the demons
we want freedom (oh, oh)
for the love of god, stop idolisin’ rap n-ggas
you -uncultured

oh darlin’, and i’m never gonna forget the good times, the good times

you ain’t gotta flex (flex, flex)
that’s just insecurity (that’s just insecurity)
you ain’t gotta be a boss, you ain’t gotta be a star, you ain’t gotta be all (all)
they only remind you that you’re good enough (good enough)
feel like we don’t say that enough (good enough, good enough)
everybody got the audemars, tesla, bad butch, bbl, feelin’ like you’re gonna fail
everybody got demons (demons)
everybody got reasons (reasons)
i just feel bad when i see gen z lookin’ up to borderline crackheads
generational trauma, generational curses (i want)
generational commas (i drop), generational verses
this is generational service, generational circus (i have)
a generational purpose (i’m a), generational wordsmith
you can do better, you can do better (better, better, better)
i just wanna see you win
you can do better, you can do better, you can do better (better, better)
i just wanna see you win