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letra de rain - jim jones


(feat. rell, noe, starr)

[chorus – rell]
we to close can’t stop praying now
though there seems theres no one to this pain
everytime i close my eyes i pray for rain
i pray for rain to wash away the strain

[verse 1 – jim jones]
you couldnt understand how much the pain weight
so in the hood we love the rainy days
cause subconstantly we know the suns coming
we love the winter cause we know the summers coming
remeber i got locked the same nite my son was coming
all i could do is pray that they dont take me away
and lord knows i have the angel’s on my side
they search the car i had the hammer in my ride
a mirical on flatbush avenue i still made it back
to say push when she was having you
a newer version a younger me i want him to go to school
and raise him motherf-cka free i swear some places i dont want him to be
i swear some things i dont want him to see but new booty daddy
loves you truley and the nights you dont see me you know daddy’s on his duty


[verse 2 – noe]
whats a poor mans pickle survive threw the poor pull a truck upfront
and drive threw the store had to be a felon hated being proper
read the book of life and satin was the author still i was the colperate
rather be in rikers the b-gg-r had my baby momma running threw them
diapers all fo that sh-ting and all them pampers
grandma layed up with all of that cancer lid paint flaking constanly chipping
mama with that dark rum constanly sipping i vowe to my name a bad transmission for getting in the game thats a bad transittion
one flick one night i’m ally ally outsin free for getting you a place with a g
a couple heavy shots ima newer man ready go and get paper the hustler
with the confetti


[verse 3 – starr]
i can turley understand how life can drain all the p-ssion from a man
with just one chance it can change his circ-mstance
and get the money baby lets get the money baby

[chorus till fade]

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