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distressed men-of-war - jerry bryant


says jack, “there is very good news
there is peace both by land and by sea
great guns no more shall be used
for we all disbanded must be”

says the admiral, “that’s very bad news”
says the captain, “my heart it will break”
the lieutenant cries, “what shall i do?
for i know not what course for to take”

says the purser, “i’m a gentleman born
my coat is linéd with gold
and my chest is full of the same
by cheating of sailors so bold”

says the doctor, “i’m a gentleman too
i’m a gentleman of the first rank
i will go to some country fair
and there i’ll set up mountebank”

says the steward, “i’m sorry it’s peace
for i love my ship as my life
and by cheating of honest jack tars
i have plenty of shiners so bright”

says the carpenter, “i have a chest
a chest of very good tools
i will go to some country fair
and there i’ll sell three-legged stools”
says the cook, “i will go to that fair
and there i will sell all my fat”
says jack tar, “if i should meet you there
d-mn me, i’ll pay you for that!
for don’t you remember the time
our topsail stuck close to the tack
and we all stuck fast in the sheet
for want of some of that fat?”

says the midshipman, “i have no trade
i have got my trade for to choose
i will go to st. james park gate
and there i’ll set blacking a’shoes
and there i will sit all the day
at everybody’s call
and every one that comes by
‘do you want my nice shining b-lls?'”

says jack, “i will take to the road
for i’d better do that than do worse
and every one that comes by, i’ll cry
‘d-mn you, deliver your purse!'”



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