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letra de it won't matter anymore - jerrod niemann


when you work, work, work all the time
it’s like living in a prison without committing a crime
why not laugh, laugh, laugh when you can
so go bury your toes and troubles in the sand

it won’t matter anymore
no, it won’t matter anymore
pick a coast
rent a boat
with your friends
make a toast
it won’t matter anymore

if you’re hurt, hurt, hurt by the one you love
you’re gonna be sad, so go be sad in the sun
take a sip, sip, sip right out of your straw
yeah, you’ll feel better or feel nothing at all

[repeat chorus]

now if it storms, storms, storms when you’re out to sea
you might be stranded on a tropical beach
say goodbye, bye, bye to who you were
you’ll have a h-ll of a time living in heaven on earth

[repeat chorus]

it won’t matter anymore
it won’t matter anymore