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letra de empty - jericho prince


skin. bedsheets were only paper thin
your pillows hug my mind like memory foam
that night we were alone and i crash
my world has ended just like that
oh, it’s a feeling that won’t last very long
but the second i hear your song it comes back

we don’t have a home
we’ve got no place to go, we were meant to be empty

nothing we did was ever wrong
we kissed good morning and goodnight before bed
wish you’d leave it unsaid, but no
i try but you won’t let it go
i loved you with a l-st filled chest
where my heart should’ve been beating
but we don’t have a home, no
we got no place to go
we weren’t meant to be
stars like us don’t last
we got too close too fast and a destiny of empty

we’d be combusting if i didn’t leave you in the dark
and oh
i’d be selfish if i kept your heart
so let me be alone

we got no place to go
we weren’t meant to be
oh, nothing else to say
if there was another way i’d still go back to sleep
maybe all we need is more time
maybe together in a different life
but here we are
empty, empty
empty, empty