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letra de brave - jennifer lopez


it’s a new day, new day, and it’s evident
you must have been heaven-sent
sometimes we should be hesitant, but i’m not at all
just feelin more confident
just using my common sense
just trust in it, i’m lovin it

i can’t refuse an offer so benevolent
can’t -ssume he’s gon’ use me
and after he’ll never call again
don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid
this is your day, this is your day

it’s time to be brave
say i’m not afraid, not anymore
i used to be cold, now the temperature’s changed
it just ain’t the same
i’m not afraid, i’m not afraid
cus i’ve become brave
as the light of day straight into a cave
to show me the way, that i might be saved
now i’m turning the page
thanks to the power of love i can love
because i am brave

i am brave, i am brave

i heard him say this thing moving too fast for him
it’s a feelin i was straddeling
foolishly adamant, but it’s all in his eyes
really wish he would let me in
cus the same way i’m scared of him
i’m scared of being hurt again

it’s time to let go, let go of your heart
it’s time for a brand new start
never know, we might never part
baby don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid
this is your day, this is your day


i wouldn’t take back anything that i’ve gone through (no)
i pray for strength for anything that i’m gonna do
whether joy, or it’s pain, i’m still okay (i, i’m still okay)
i’m a be alright cause i’m not afraid
no, i am brave (brave)


i am brave

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