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letra de grams to kilograms - jchetta


[verse 1: jchetta]
catch me moving my life like a mixture
mix up my drugs like a blender
shout out my doctor he scripting, blending i’m faded i’m tippin’
just poured a 8th of prescription
just rearranged me a victim
really no need for no diggin’ rather him sleep with the fishes
scrimmy “don’t shoot him” don’t listen
couple of xanax, we gifted
couple of problems we live in
whole lot of gaudy in my system
feel like we jordan and pimpin’
six rings up on them 6 digits
6 pints of lean and still sippin’
g-ssin’ my lungs every minute
never the type to admit it
sharing they knowledge, they trippin’
never no talking, no snitching
f-ck all y’all sneakin’ and dissin’
f-ck if you get in my vision, i see the end and i’m widdit
you can not match me, i’m different i’m a walking [?]

[verse 2: tommy with da tommy]
break it down
smoke a pound, young and sipping codeine
promethazine love my lean, sippin’ since 18
been on them corners, coming down
swerving indo in the attic
sipped an 8th, i can’t think
gone off that drink
gone off that drink
creepin’ in the alley rolling off the addy
f-cking on a b-tch that like to call me daddy
laughing at these rappers that we overlappin’
i done missed 5 bars with a couple tabs
different day, same drugs
can’t complain i’m too numb
triple six, crucifix, blazed in reverse
smoking in on a he-rs-
i was born cursed