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letra de l8r - ​jaydes


(you have no—)

and i step in all black
you know that i do this sh-t
this ho think she all that
sorry, i’d never do this sh-t
sorry, had to boot the b-tch
it’s like, who you think you is?
i’m in envy with my fits
think she up? i’m steppin’ in
i’m the president of this
it’s still opps up in yo’ sh-t
that’s why i’ma beat yo’ b-tch
she know that she love that sh-t
she be on my body, sh-t
she know that she love this sh-t
she know that she love my sh-t
oh, you tryna try somethin’?
this b-tch wanna f-ck me ’cause i’m up and i’m too fanned out, ayy
it’s the b-tch that i got runnin’ away from my legs, like, hey
it’s another b-tch that wanna run back when i get them bands up
it’s another b-tch that i won’t party with, she you later, ayy
it’s another b-tch that just want money, likе, i bait her, ayy
i got bands on me, i’ma have to see you latеr, ayy
swerve up in my ‘rari then i hop out at the place, ayy
you slide perc, yo’ mouth full of too much f-ckin’ flavor, ayy

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