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you're lost - jayactivist


you know it’s a storm coming
and i would like, advise people, to you know take shelter take safety you feel me
it’s like high winds and a crazy thunderstorms you feel me

[verse 1]
i gotta start watchin a little closer who be on my team
i just been giving out so much game that ain’t normally free
everyone around me at the table is always gon’ eat
i’m still catching strays from this n-gga i notice a theme
n-ggas be getting emotional then they let it affect they business
and it don’t got sh-t to do with me
look at all the weirdos in the industry
they want smoke with mе
i got you that bothered you wanna beef with me
just seen reem run outta gas you ain’t catching mе
i’m in a different league my n-gga you ain’t matching me
this sh-t is nuclear fallout, you the casualty
grown ass man can’t have a dialogue
you passively making yourself look dumber then you actually are
step on a stage in front of mid i’m steady raising the bar
was running track but now you chasing a star
if you don’t change the way you move when doing business with n-ggas you ain’t gon’ make it far
i got a lot of sh-t to get off my chest
i’d rather profit off my time then send this sh-t through a text
i keep it humble i don’t normally flex (okay)
but you done put me in a zone
i got to drop some sh-t and show i’m the best
might be an artist and producer but n-ggas ain’t checking you for a feat
i seen this coming i never woulda made hits on your beats
you unprofessional
let this be a lesson though
n-ggas in they feelings ’bout auditions for a festival
that i ain’t got no say in (nah)
usin’ artificial intelligence in the messages to try to make a statement
try to retwist the narrative like i’m just tryna drop a song without consent
initially had it i’m tryna make sense
of situations like these
where n-ggas envy you so they freeze
tracks like these i’m telling the facts
me and zhanae had a good convo
she was talking ’bout her previous n-gga
and said the current one ain’t close to a match (n-gga)
[verse 2]
don’t ever make it seem like i ain’t tried to give you your splits
you can’t eat with everybody in a moment they’ll switch
my only regret
is swooping to your level in the first place
the disrespect was crazy that’s some sh-t i could never forgive
you start messes here go yo bib
immature ass n-ggas integrity negative 10
yo character traits is jealous and envy
look at the energy
it’s sad that the folks you call yo bro’s can be yo own greatest enemy
the ptsd left inside the memories woah (yeah, uh)
it’s time to let this sh-t go
you should know not to try me when i’m in album mode
i study all your lows
i use it to my advantage
my power over you grows (yeah)
i got this sh-t on lock
i’ll never let ’em pressure me i’m sitting at the top
i got shows in other states
i got hits that’s finna drop
every time i step outside
n-ggas gotta give me props
i been earning my respect the hours that i’m putting in
work ethic is different i could never let ’em call me twin
lost a hundred times so i could get a win
experiences made me who i am a lot of sh-t i’ll never do again
ruthless with the pen leave n-ggas toothless hit ’em in the chin
booth is always open for anyone tryna spin again
i been getting bread and getting dividends
the people steady listening
i said the people steady listening
yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah



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