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letra de big doggz - jay worthy


[verse 1: mari ruger]
the big dog, i’m sitting getting bricks off
am i hearing sh-t or is it these thirty birds in the house?
like cleo, knew i would set it off before i set it off
sh-t, i knew that i could get it off before i took it on
new state, i bet i get it gone, it’s flooded like katrina, sh-t
i send people to creep up and split people sh-t
my bench equal to the starters they k!ll people, sh-t
this b-tch equal to the moon ’cause i can’t reach her
i might touch hеr, i can’t help it, sh-t, i don’t feel it
it’s one way for the hustlеrs and k!llers, not the civilians
i talk about these chops, i ain’t tryna promote to children
i might talk about my opps but that’s when i get in my feelings
sh-t, i could talk about my opps, they ain’t going nowhere in music
i might show ’em some’ different, i might be the gang influence
i’m hanging, clip extended, i’m banging, who really do this
i could rap about it if i moved it, i’m the best doing it

[verse 2: rosecrans hopout]
right hand to the bible, never speak on where we stand unless i’m by you
won’t go tweaking, sneak dissing in my bio
never speak up on yo’ name unless i’m seeing eye to eyeball
since a juvenile delinquent, i been active, never idle
had a sit down with my idol, it was vital, hop, it ain’t too many like you
just being vain, you made your name behind that rifle
i made my stain, my dirty laundry, they gon’ drown me in the bounty
pound for pound me in the bounty, round for round me in the bounty (it’s hop)
smooth operation, you know, smooth operator
let’s talk over the phone, know how to move operator (i see you [?])
the tools that i’m operating run a few operations
i’m highly rated and listed in a few yellow pages (hop, look)
yellow tape and hop out and go and chase ’em (uh-huh)
h told me “be bool, lil’ blood, and be patient” (be bool)
look, b-tches i don’t l-st ’bout, i need them blue strips
a couple blue ships just to come now
and have my deuce hit for the come down
[verse 3: jay worthy]
check it out, yeah
sweatshirt with the three fat creases, my denim sag too
swap meet fresh with the airbuds, i’m really him, fool
10th ave, slide through the bity, i hit markima up
i used to hang with dougie and beem, we was on north block
pouring up a cup of the qually, i pop another bar
that’s on the dead homies, think we woke up the graveyard
all the homies slide like the mlb playoffs
palace right down to the socks, even the reeboks
some homies from the bity, blackstone and the beebops
looking for some b-tches who’s gone f-ck for some real ones
i rather have your money than your p-ssy, i’m a real one
friends, i don’t need none, i only got the homies
my pimping ass partners and my bompton p funkies

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