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letra de 3. #nomoretrap - jay shades


a lot of times
these days
and i mean
this is nothing new
it’s not a new phenomenon
i don’t wanna get into
what they call
music can be escapism
it can be used to
detach from reality
u know
you know to think about your dreams
to think about when things were better
when life was better
in your own mind

alright, i’m turning my internet off
turning my internet off
stop getting these notifications
we gon get it
issa fuego gang thang baby
no more trap
na na
no more trap
hold up
sniper rifle
just might go
off grid like typo
suck soul out just like its lipo
i roll up
make that right bro
don’t explore it
yeah it’s my goal
then i ensure it like gico
spit this static at mic doe
it ends up tragic you like “woah”
taking aim at yo eye hole
and leave you cold as the cryo
creativity’s vital
i’ll write you out like a bio
they fetch the bone like they fido
then they wanna come here at my dough
sh-ts making me homicidal
ima send shots right at ya spinal
-bow bow bow-
confused like a b-tch
i’m not giving a f-ck
if you after my spot i’m not giving it up
i got holes in ya chest
got the grip in the tuck
losing my mind
guess that just be my luck
where am i
you stay where i was
if you working with me then you vibe wit a buzz
felt your defeat
then i murdered you cuz
leave the corpses soaked in blood
leave em orphans jus because
fill the p-ssy up with love
leave it gushy
make it flood
red dot
hit em up like 2pac
he’s dead
so just stop
blood on my watch
from the way his body dropped
what be really up
muscle car on buff
like a tummy tuck
mad luck
pull up in a truck
verses stuck on yuck
see the bubble b-tt
old trey
buh will whip out
close the server like
you wanna come at my what now?
my what?
u gon touch who’s style?
-ocm the guys-
i’ ma shut this whole place down n-gga
jay shades b-tch
no more trap