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letra de 0 to 100 remix "100 bars" - jay pharoah


i go zero to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick whole squad on that real sh-t
i go zero to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick 100 bars of that real sh-t
people say that i’m the realest i like the conversation/
cause i’m giving it straight outta the threads no fabrication/
me and rap like the best invention/
i feel the tension cause i’m coming straight for your necks that’s a southern lynching/
putting work in the studio like i’m universal
while n-ggas talk crazy sounds out their necks terries smoke commercial/
i’m trying find the ladder/
sayn i’m solid man(solomn) in rap but they trying prat me n-gga on some rags n tatters /
sh-ts cool with rap and i will ongo/
and my goal is to win n-gga or scar lupita onyongo/
n0body else work as hard as me/
n-ggas saying i’d never make it i just think it hardened me/
memories of being broke still scarring me/
would spit for 30 mins on this track but i got another show to do pardon me/
too many holes in yall story that’s depression/
i only give the truth like “n-gga you my dude but you half stepping”/ 0 to 100
past the bullsh-t from all these critics/
light in me man alone still seeing the dark yea call it ridd-ck/
ridiculous abbreviated on that last bar/
bout to undertake n-ggas paul walker’s last car/
with all these bars running i’m a track star/
i’m roth but i won’t fall off like i’m asher
i want it all tony montana/
they say you gotta bear blood hotel rawanda/
i’m just looking for a couple sponsors/
so my mom’s can stop stressing bout her job problems/
i’m just tired of seeing tears n-gga runs in stockings/
let her breath like she wearing cotton
cause she crying often/
they say that money for your problems will never solve it/
sacrifice having dark hair for a full wallet/
you ask me how i’m doing be like i can’t call it/
old school answer i’m walking slow n drink cold water/ 0 to 100
watching and not jumping cause my game is clutch/
with my old friends i got my lines crossed
double dutch/
i just think i help too much/
so they count on me facebook life requests for candy crush/
sometimes i feel like giving up/
question my career and ask my past relationships did i give enough/
maybe not it’s too late now/
hit rock bottom with them women n-gga smack down/
seems like i drink too much can’t put that jack down/
the pad bachelor and with all this cheese i’m a mac now/
where my heart couldn’t find it with attack now/
and every chick that try to get it call it submissive i back down/
d-mn it too late to try to air my business/
trying find god like as witnessed/
but the way i f-ck in living is god d-mned and ridiculous/
and for this life as predicted i’m too f-ck in addicted/ 0 to 100
helping n-ggas was my only vision/
but most the time i’m the one who get em out the hole like their name is pidgeon/
i’m getting paper like my hand itching/
for entertainment i got too much cl-ss so i can’t ditch it/
they cl!cking on me like an app and widget/
depending on me to stick with it they got bad vision/
they can say a kings risen/
cause i call off with n-ggas heads if it’s bad business/
if it’s not about making money conversations ridiculous
quick to knock that bullsh-t like jehovah witness/
i bare my sole like i’m walking shoeless/
they say if you don’t use then you’ll f-ck in lose it/
that’s why i gotta use my mind n-gga brain contusion/
cause all this sh-t could be gone tomorrow it’s all illusioned/
with rap n the comedy on some sayain sh-t i’m doing fusion/
it’s broken bones how i’m making myself a staple infusion/100 bars of that real sh-t
i just need a chance for them to feel me/
color purple with rap i’m feeling ceily/
but should i feel silly when i talented in two deparments/
get it straight i got iron man tony stark it/
to my fam ily like my name partridge/
the only true colors found in an empty cartridge/
listen to me closely take a harken/
we got company now n-gga you can stop your barking/
i’m on a path to be the f-ck in greatest/
lotta haters that’s why i can’t vacay on hiatus/ we can never say our high ate us/
we’ll just say work no days off that’s success that’s the equation/
gotta stay ahead that’s the tip call it penetration/
proving everybody wrong is my inspiration/
they starting to put out all my information/
it’s annoying but everybody around me’s like n-gga that just mean you made it/ 100 bars
a public figure but i kind of hate it/
i get stressed cause all this work and still i’m underrated/
and that just got me feeling so jaded/
cause if your accomplishments are never acknowledged have you really made it?/
too conscience to be in public faded/
so i do it behind closed doors bribe persuasion/
they say if you rap what will you talk about/
too their amazement i got it baby so look who’s talking now/
hitting every wave like i’m trying to drown/
with these women i see through all the p-ssy n-gga ultrasound/
i was 21 my peers said i’d be a c0ke head
i prefer pepsi products n-gga mountain dew code red
i’m like i got too much ambition to be a red nose/
that statement was rudolph(rude off) the fact that only god knows/
really i’m the only person talented enough to pull an eddie murphy/
these others n-ggas just ain’t f-ck in worthy you heard me?/
“could it be the way that i will catch up”
actions speak louder than the words spoken/
cost of damage is the tongue so i wil son if the price owen/
“could it be the way that i will catch up”
if you ain’t think the pharoah was a born star/
then run the track back i just spit a 100 bars/bars

you know sometimes i just gotta let people know you know what i mean, like, like i really do it you feel me
i got problems like everybody else man
that’s the story i’m trying to tell. it’s like you don’t got to be the best and you don’t got to be the prettiest person. you just gotta have a dream man and you gotta stay consistent. dreams are the most innocent part of a person when all else fails so hold on to em