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letra de 22-freestyle - jay fazo music


i got homies that still popping beans like rue
used to take the 90 for the pack and break it with the crew
tryna stay up out the cut but it be deeper than the route
your homie say he down to ride but is he really gonna shoot
that’s sh-t hits deeper when it’s true
i’m tryna get up out my head and see a bad b-tch with a view
but i be going thru sh-t too
this sh-t ain’t even nothing new
i be smoking h-lla blunts like i’m tryna get cancer soon
and i’m grandmas always worrried
she said boy put that sh-t down
when she seen the music take off she told me that she was proud
i’ve been h-lla stressed lately fake a smile to the crowd
it took everything to get here so i ain’t gonna let up now
on tour swinging thru your city like i’m petter parker
they amazed at what i’ve done i’m tryna take it father
you can write your own story b-tch i been the author
did it on own don’t need your loan f-ck your offer
kush is my cologne i’m smelling like a rosta
money flowing now but i’ll still eat my b-ttered posta
i could pull up in a vet or in a d-mn sonata
i could make a bet that she be begging me to get inside it

i rip the mic like spongebobs pants in that episode
you was focused on a tik tok dance i was on the road
hitting up these studios different cities different shows
bigger dreams and bigger goals you know that we be reaching those
i made a business flipping clothes
i really did this on my own
a mile stone a stepping stone
this wasn’t given i was chose
i be blessing like a toast
i got passion when i’m rapping i don’t care about a post
they always say i do the most but you ain’t doing enough
if it was easy every rapper in the city blow up
they always saying what up jay but i ain’t never met ya
no new faces in my circle please just save the fake love
i’m certified with the plug
i got gas in the blunt
i get more traction than a mother f-cking rug
the numbers going up
but is this sh-t enough

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