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letra de denmark - jay brannan



hey there, baby, have you got a light?
i’m not smoking, but i’m afraid i might
have fallen down a dark carpal tunnel and landed in your kiss
and in the water from your big, brown eyes, i swam away from a quarter life crisis

you told me horror stories in room 426
of wooden boys falling for girls made out of matchsticks
i shoulda strapped you to me with padlocks and glue
so i could spend the rest of my life wearing nothing but socks and you

we got a lot of maybes to muddle through
but my emotional rabies are fixed on crashing through to you
though governments and distance stand between us, well be fine
cuz i’m gonna tear this world apart, baby, until you’re mine

never knew much about magic, but i think i finally found a teacher
never meant to find my soul, but i got lost along the way
never lived with you, but i know i cant live without you
never know if ever i’ll see you again, so i hold tight and pray


you’ll be an artist, i’ll be your hands
well go the farthest from our lives we can
i’ll swim the ocean, whisk you away
til were in denmark, you’ll hear me say